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LIVET is a Team of the Best and Brightest Consulting, Management & Development Minds in the areas of Health, Environment, Energy, Water, Waste, Education, Entertainment, Security & Agriculture who Consult, Manage & Develop Infrastructure & Ideas for CLEAN GREEN FREE & SECURE Living Communities that Thrive on Advanced Technologies Not Yet Fully Released Upon the World.

LIVET was Founded in 2012 to Consult on Cutting Edge Health & Environmental Solutions to Nation Builders.

LIVET quickly received an invitation from the future Prime Minster of the island nation of Antigua. Putting boots down in the country, LIVET’s team met with now Prime Minster Gaston Brown and consulted him on the programs and policies he should utilize in the health and environment sectors of his new government. LIVET was awarded invitations to implement these programs through the education ministry and spent months in the country managing the implementing these projects. LIVET still consults with members of the Antiguan Senate.

LIVET Now Focuses on Clean Green Technologies & Infrastructure Projects in regards to Renewable & Sustainable Energy, Power & Electricity Extraction, Water Utilities, Agriculture, Waste Reclamation, Climate/CO2 Pollution Elimination, Health & Environmental Protection Procedures.

LIVET Works Hard to Reduce & Eliminate Both Environmental & Financial Waste.

The old failed system of project funding has always been setup where governments have waited for companies to submit bids and then chosen from only those submitted offers. That does not work anymore because The Most Cutting Edge and Advanced Companies in the World are not bidding on these opportunities because they are unaware they exist. Governments have been just choosing the best of the worst companies for years. These companies are not Producing the Desired Results that the Citizens Deserve. Governments can now change that!

When you sign the contract With LIVET We Bring with Us the Best Companies in the World in each sector that have the capabilities and cutting edge technologies to Complete Your Projects Under Budget and at a Fast Pace. Governments do not know of these companies, their products, & what they will do for their people & governments never will unless they Hire LIVET to Consult, Manage & Develop All of Their New Projects for Them.

Let LIVET Free Up Your Time by having us do all your work and in the end You Receive All the Credit.

The World Health Organization reported that the #1 Industry that is Polluting the Planet is Animal Agriculture. CO2 from transportation & energy is not even close to the destruction value as methane gas from animals raised for food, plus their waste and water usage. We work with nations to reduce their dependence on animal agriculture and by doing this their environmental impact can be cut by 600%.

We allow governments the ability to Decrease their Dependency on Other Nations for food while benefiting the health of their citizens by Eliminating Health Conditions like Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Malnutrition & Heart Disease.

LIVET’s Projects Bring with them Great Wealth, Security & Prosperity to the People now and well into the future. There is no greater way for a government to show support for it’s people then by providing them free limitless energy, clean drinking water, a rewarding career, new living conditions, advanced infrastructure & the feeling of personal security. Great Independence Comes to a Nation When It Does Not Have to Rely on Another Nation for Utilities, Food & Resources.

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